About CosplayShots


Hi, I’m Max Archer, the founder of CosplayShots. I am a former photojournalist with well over a decade of photography experience, have been attending conventions for over 15 years, and have been shooting cosplay since 2008. My cosplay photography has been published around the world in books and magazines, has been featured on many blogs and websites, and has been circulated on countless forums and social media. For me, cosplay photography is a hobby, not a business, and it’s all about having fun, meeting awesome people, and the satisfaction of making images that make cosplayers happy.

I recently returned to cosplay photography after an extended break of several years, and I’m having a ton of fun being back in the action. I’m based in Los Angeles and attend most of SoCal’s conventions, as well as some in NorCal and out of state. I’m also available for location shoots on request. Drop me a line through my Facebook page or email if you’d like to work together!